Agra Taj Mahal & Mathura Vrindavan

At the time of Mughals, in the 16th and 17th centuries ,Agra was the Capital of India and its superb Monument date for the Era .

Agra has magnificent fort and the building which many people come to India solely to see. The Taj Mahal on the Delhi to Agra & North of Agra

Mathura is an acient size according to legends this where Lord Krishna was born 3500 years ago.

Daily Services: 6:30 A.M To 11:30 P.M

Placed Covered

Delhi to Agra Fort ,Taj Mahal Sikandra Fort (Akbar's Tomb)

Mathura (Lord Krishna Birth place , Vrindavan & back.)

Friday closed

Coach Type Price
A/C. Luxury Coach 2x2 850/-
Luxury Coach 2x2 650/-


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